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Echeveria Care

Origin: Mexico and Central America Temperature: Moderate. Shouldn't fall below 10 degree centigrade. Keep indoors during freezing temperature. Light: Echeveria loves full Sun. However, they shouldn't be exposed to harsh sunlight as it may burn their leaves. Avoid afternoon Sun and sudden light changes. While keeping indoor make sure they are on south facing window so that they receive brightest light possible. Low light can cause plant to stretch and the plant will lose its shape. Note: Do not confuse it with growth. Water: Only water the soil not the plant. The most common cause of death of succulent is over watering. So you should be cautious while watering. Water only when the soil has dried. Keeping it dried in between for a day or two keeps the root healthy. Succulent store water. They can survive drought but not over watering. Containers: Water should drain out quickly. A big pot hole ensures good aeration of roots. You can put fibre or mesh to stop soil moving out of the pot after watering. Make sure it shouldn't block the water. Echeveria do not like soggy soil. Make sure your pot is according to the plant. Oversize pot can cause the would to be moist for long causing root rot. Propagation: Leaves Stems Beheading

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